CFTRI working on probiotic food to protect children prone to third wave of Covid infection

The Central Food Technological Research Institute in Mysuru is working on probiotic food that will protect children prone to the third wave of Covid infection.

Director of CFTRI Sridevi Annapoorana said that processing methods are being developed by them for increasing absorption of micronutrients from plants, fruits and vegetables and prepare a wholesome food with a natural taste that will help boost immunity in children and protect them from Covid infection.

The probiotic food being developed by CFTRI is rich in vitamin A, C, D and E with micro-nutrients necessary to combat infections. They keep harmful bacteria and viruses in check.

The CFTRI  had distributed spirulina chikki, mango energy bar, high protein wrap, banana cereal bar and spiced water with bio-active and antioxidant ingredients to the migrant workers, frontline warriors and Covid patients, during the first wave of Covid pandemic.

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