How to deal with Mobile Addiction ?

Ping! Whether it’s Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or whatever, are you constantly distracted by your mobile?

Nowadays, most of us are glued to our smartphones. And even though they can help us be more productive and enhance the quality of our lives, they can also be a major source of distraction.

It’s more obvious that most people have no control over their smartphone use — negatively impacting their productivity and mental health.

1. Turn off your notifications

One of the easiest changes to regain control over your focus is to turn the notification
from email, instant messaging, and other apps off.

This way you can direct all your focus and energy toward working productively.

2. No Phone for the first 30-60 Minutes of your day

A study showed that about 80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 minutes
of waking up each morning – and that’s a big problem.

Your mind will be occupied with other people’s agenda – not your own. Instead of starting your
day by focusing on your personal goals, you’re forced to react to other people’s stuff.

3. Have strong replacement activities

Identify a few replacement activities to replace the unhealthy stimuli of your phone

  • Pick up a book
  • Clean your house
  • Do Exercise
  • Take a walk
  • Practice a skill

4. Download Gamifying apps like the “Forest” App

Forest, and app gamifying the process of not using your phone. With Forest, you set a time
limit for how long you don’t want to use your phone. If you succeed, a tree will grow in your
digital forest. This makes not using your phone a bit more fun!

Now that you know some tips to stop getting distracted by your phone, an action point for this
article is to apply these tips right now.

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