125-year-old seer from Varanasi takes COVID-19 vaccine, oldest Indian to get jab

A 125-year-old seer from Kashi has become the known oldest beneficiary of the COVID-19 vaccine in India.

The 125-year-old seer has been living in Varanasi’s Bhelupur area since 1979, as per a Times of India report.

“We have multiple documents, including a passport, to prove that he is 125 years old. Some years ago, he was examined by a team of Kolkata doctors and they couldn’t believe he was so fit for his age. He believes in simple living and leads by example,” his disciple Dr Subhash Chandra Garai, medical officer of a multinational company told Times of India.

Health workers at the vaccination centre interacted with the seer while he was under observation post-vaccination. When asked how he was feeling, the seer said he felt energised.

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