74th Independence Day will go down in the history: Tricolour unfurled at the New York’s Time Square

Indians could sense their heartbeat rise as Indian flag was seen across the globe, the tricolor being unfurled on monuments and famous structures to celebrate the Independence Day. The 74rd year since the country attained freedom from the British rule was celebrated by projecting the history, rich culture and glory of India.

Adding a golden feather to its kitty, Indian flag was unfurled at the Time Square, New York for the first time in the history. Indian origin individuals living in the US had a goosebump moment when they witnessed the tricolor flag standing as the epitome of pride. In the event organized by the native Indian Associations, Consul General of India in New York Randhir Jaiswal hoisted the flag. The magical event was witnessed by more than 200 native Indian crowd.

Similarly, tricolour flag was seen with glory on the Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest building. The Indian flag was illuminated on the high rise building. By illuminating the flag at 8.45pm, tribute was paid to whole of India.

Niagara Water falls in the part of Canada was also illuminated in green orange and white colours and the sight was to behold. Tourists and visitors thronged the water fall located in between USA and Canada to get the mesmerizing sight.

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