Corona-game- an enticing invention during the pandemic

Four sisters from Germany, unlike others have explored a new possibility of spending time amidst the pandemic. During the first lockdown period in Germany, four sisters (known as Schwanderlapp sisters) invented a corona board game titled ‘Corona- the rush to the shops,’ which has now been a bestselling product among retailers.

The Schwaderlapp sisters in Wiesbaden used the northern spring coronavirus lockdown creatively, inventing a family board game called ‘Corona – the rush to the shops’, which has now been taken on by retailers (Reuters Image)

The game can be played by up to four players. The game involves the players competing to buy groceries on a shopping list for an elderly neighbor coping against covid-19. Whoever delivers the shopping items first, becomes the winner. Hurdles include encountering the virus, which might send one to quarantine. The players can decide whether to cooperate with the opponent. They can also make the play arduous by blocking the path with viruses.

The sisters worked on the game most evenings during the spring lockdown, gradually incorporating more elements from news broadcasts about the pandemic. (Reuters Image)

Supporting the daughters work, their father decided to commercialize the game by hiring artists to design cards, board and box. The game is an eye-catcher across Germany and has an enormous demand in the market.

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