Facebook to reduce political contents from its news feed

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Facebook will discourage groups and contents that spread political hatred, said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, during the presentation of Facebook’s quarterly activity report. The policy implemented during the US election will be implemented worldwide.

Under the new decision, Facebook will not promote posts containing political content in the news feeds of Facebook users. The decision to retain or remove posts with political content will be made by Facebook’s independent monitoring committee.

“There may be many people campaigning against the denial of justice based on the information available. Public understands that they do not like political counter – arguments,” said Zuckerberg.

Nick Clegg, president of Facebook Global Affairs, said the decision was “right and necessary.”

In the United States, the Facebook feed was restricted to political debates and hate campaigns ahead of the presidential election. This policy is also based on the cancellation of Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts when he questioned the election results. Social media campaign behind the attack by Trump supporters on the Capitol was also taken into account for the restriction.

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