Un Trump America: Joe Biden releases plans for the first 10 days

Getty Images

Joe Biden released plans for the first 10 days before taking office as US President. These plans include the reversal of several controversial decisions made during the Trump era. Details have been provided by Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klein to senior staff.

Americans have given Biden’s ten – day plans the informal title of “Un Trump America.” Joe Biden’s message to the world is that there will be a well – planned government.

The prime agenda of Biden’s plan is the lifting of travel bans in Muslim areas. The next consideration is to renegotiate the Paris Climate Agreement. The ten-day plan also includes the lifting of the ban on student loans.

In addition, Biden envisions a $1.9 trillion Covid relief package. Biden also announced that 100 million doses of the Covid vaccine will be distributed within the first 100 days. Biden is determined to overturn Trump’s policies within the first 10 days.

Biden also aims for a complete overhaul of immigration laws. The assessment is that there will be a change in the work visa system and H1B visa rules.

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