Rural Covid-19 case tally overruns urban in 22 districts of Karnataka

COVID cases reported from rural areas were more than urban in 22 districts of Karnataka between May 25 and June 8, accounting for over 50% to 85% of total cases.

The increase in the number of cases in rural areas is a matter of concern, admitted CN Ashwath Narayana, deputy CM and head of the COVID task force.

The State’s COVID war room has identified  20 worst-hit village, going by cases reported in the past four weeks.

These include Yaregowdanahalli in Mandya, Bilageri(kodagu), Nailavagilu (Mysuru), Nandhahalli (Mandya), Agrahara (Chikkamagaluru) and Basavanadurga (Koppal).

Source : Times of India

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