14 villages of Mysuru are free of COVID19

The number of cases of COVID19 in the Mysuru district has increased, despite the widespread of COVID-19, 14 villages of Mysore Taluk are free from the corona.

Of the 37 Gram Panchayats covering the Mysore Taluk, 14 villages that belong to the 11 gram panchayats, so far no corona case has been registered. It is a model for other villages.

The villages of Mysore Taluk, Raayanakere, Kattehundi, Kumbralli, Chikkegaudanahandi, Krishnapura, Ramanahalli, Gudumadanahalli, Inam Uttanahalli, Lakshmipura, Makanahandi, Pochayahundi, Hoshihundi, Gurukapuram are totally free from corona.

The secret behind their zero cases is that they are following the guidelines strictly and villagers from these villages
don’t attend any type of function and they venture out of their houses only when it is necessary.

Accredited social health activists (ASHA) and Anganawadi workers are rendering a good job.
They visit houses every day with a pulse oximeter and subject people to a thorough check-up for COVID19.

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