African Cheetah now arrives in Mysuru Zoo

Mysuru: The Animal Exchange programs of the city’s Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens have garnered much attention from around the country, now Mysuru Zoo is taking the program to international level by getting African Cheetah to the zoo’s habitat.

Under the Animal Exchange program, a Cheetah from South Africa has been brought to the city. By taking necessary measures, the Cheetah was brought through Singapore and the wild cat species has reached the city already. Soon after the completion of quarantine period, the visitors can get a sight of it.

1 male and 2 female African Hunting Cheetah acquired by Mysore Zoo from Ann Van Dyke Cheetah Center, South Africa arrived at Mysuru Zoo on 17/8/2020. 

The team lead by Executive Director of the Zoo, Ajit Kulkarni was successful in getting the Cheetah from the distant South Africa. Preparations are being taken display the Cheetah at the enclosure.

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