Man Travels 112 Km on Cycle During Lockdown to Get Medicines for his Child

Anand, a 45-year-old man from Mysuru had to travel 112 kms to Bengaluru to get his son’s medicines.

Anand, a man from Ganigana Koppalu village in T Narasipur taluk of Mysuru. He is 45 years old, and has a son with an ailment wherein he requires his medicines every day.

“He was diagnosed with this problem when he was six months old and since then over the last 10 years, I have never missed getting him the required medicine. As we get this medicine only from NIMHANS in Bengaluru for free of cost, I would get them from there every two months once,” he said.

Due to the lockdown, there was no transport available and he did not have enough money for a private vehicle. So Anand pedalled all the way from Ganigana Koppalu village in T Narasipur taluk to Bengaluru.

Over the period of these 3 days, Anand covered a distance of more than 220 kms (from Ganigana Koppalu to Bangalore and back).

In a statement to ANI, Anand said, “I asked for my son’s medicines here but couldn’t find it. He can’t skip medicines even for a day. I went to Bengaluru & it took me 3 days.”


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