Mysuru zoo gets pair of Bengal Foxes

Mysuru: Raipur Zoo in Chattisgarh has given a pair of Bengal fox, also known as the Indian fox, to the Mysuru Zoo under an animal exchange programme.

“We have given a hyena and a pair of black swans to the Raipur Zoo in return. The fox is a shy and elusive animal. It is a threatened species,” said Zoo Executive Director Ajit Kulkarni. He said that an enclosure was being built for housing the foxes. “There is no fox enclosure since we had not displayed the species in recent years. Before the quarantine period ends, it will be ready,” he added.

Mr Kulkarni said the fox is usually found in the plains and also shares the habitat with black bucks.The plains in North Karnataka are one of its habitats. “You could sight the jackal but sighting a fox is something rare because of its sensitive nature,” he added.

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