Fans shed tears post MS Dhoni’s retirement

Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni took to Instagram and announced his retirement from International Cricket. On August 15, Independence Day, Dhoni said that he would not be playing any international innings from 7.29pm. His retirement news spread like a wildfire and fans shed tears.

In the year 2020, when things are being difficult to everyone due to Coronavirus, former Indian captain MS Dhoni’s retirement added more grief to cricket buffs. In his Instagram post, Dhoni shared memories of his cricketing career and expressed them through a music video.

Using his favourite song, “Main pal do pal ka shayar hun” from the movie Khabhie Khabhie, Dhoni cryptically expressed gratitude towards his fans. After the announcement, the song sung by Mukesh soon went viral and fans left comments in YouTube connecting to the cricketer’s retirement.

Videos of Dhoni’s famous sixer in the 2011 World Cup, IPL wins and the former captain lifting different trophies were seen across WhatsApp and Instagram stories.

Following the footsteps of Dhoni, left handed-middle order batsman Suresh Raina too announced his retirement. Two legends who played together for Chennai Super Kings left the cricketing world together.

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